Friday, September 02, 2016

I enjoy writing, like a lot. I thought for a very long time that I might be a writer and I'd write amazing romance novels because I'm good at that and heaving bosoms and throbbing members are totally my thing.  LOL.  Ok, so that didn't work out.  But still, I keep adding to this blog, even when I think I should give it up, and how weird is this blog, because every once in awhile I think I have something important to say.  And maybe, just maybe, some weirdo like me will stumble across this blog and want to reach out and say "I'm your people, thank you, thank you, someone else is like me"  Isn't that the great human experience, to find our people, our tribe, our group that we can relate to?

Now granted, it's not like my blog is public.  It's not as if I have great advertising and people are directed to my blog because of my amazing writing skills.  But as before, so after, so here we go...

My life truly began at 38 years old.  How is that you may ask? What does that even mean?  I'm 38 years old right now (plus a few months) and the most bizarre things have happened to me recently.  I got "fired" for the first time at the end of June (if you can even call it that since I was in my probationary period at the time).  But yes, I was fired.  For the first time, in 38 years of living.  It was DEVASTATING.  It was humbling, I had to re-evaluate my whole life and who I was and what I was doing and why I was fired, and how I could possibly be FIRED!  That didn't happen to me, that happened to other people, lesser people, people I didn't know or people who were less smart than I was and too bad for them and holy SHIT I can't believe I was fired and my spouse is losing her job and.....well you get the picture!

But then I took a travel nursing job and was reminded about what I like to do and why I like to do it.  For my first travel assignment I got send to~Seattle!  I know, really far.  But it pays well and I like everyone I've been working with and they even want me to come on as full time staff.  I'm humbled again, but for good reasons.  Now I'm back to the lifetime debate, what do I want to do with myself.  Keep traveling, make good money, take my family with me.  But~have to be away from my friends and my mom.  Take the job in Seattle, but need to move, because I'm not going to commute to Seattle.  Again, away from my friends and mom.  On the horizon, clinic job working with my friend Heather (see earlier posts).  I'm leaning towards the Heather job (and Kerry's decision for me is this one) but I also want to make sure I'll do well, and be challenged, and do a good job for her!

Wait and see, I'll update as things change!

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