Tuesday, January 19, 2016

So this site is back!

I didn't like wordpress so much as it turned out, so lesson learned.  I'll stick with blogger.  I changed my fancy background too (yet again) as you know how I love to change it up.  Much like my hair color it turns out.
So, what's new here, well I'm in the second quarter of midwifery school and currently not taking a class (I tested out of psych nursing, ha ha ha).  I'm also starting a teaching gig with tacoma community college.  I'll be a clinical OB instructor.  It's only six shifts, but its really good pay for only six days.  And of course I'm still per diem at TG.  So you could say...I'm a busy chick.   It's good for me though to stay busy.  Keeps me out of the dark places in my head, keeps me from spending too much money (as Kerry would say) and keeps me active in ways other than working out.

I thought I was having a chill day but work has been hectic.  Peace out for now!