Wednesday, July 08, 2015

New Site

So, I've converted over to wordpress.  You can find the blondebombshell (not really blonde at the moment) here:

See you on the flip!

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Holy Hell!

So as it turns out, sort of hard to blog and parent and work and have a life and....the list goes on right?  My wonderful beautiful talented mini me (James) is now almost 15 months old.  He was born on 3/20/14 via cesarean section after mama (me) developing gestational hypertension with CNS involvement (i.e. headaches that suck like hell and I would not wish on anyone).  So of course they did a final ultrasound to find out that he was transverse with footling presentation (feet first) and I got to help arrange my scheduled c/section.  We saw Dr. Hitchcock on Wednesday the 19th and scheduled surgery the next morning.  I was able to pick my delivery nurses, anesthesia, and of course my two favorite doctors~Dr. Heather Stearman ~Dr. Tina Hitchcock.  Let me tell you about both of them.  Heather~she's become a close personal friend of mine, I delivered her daughter about 11 months later, she's amazing as a PCP.  Always trying to inspire me and pep talk me to work harder, try better.  Dr. Hitchcock-what can I saw about her that the average person does not know.  She's amazing in a crisis (hence my original decision to pick her) as well as being open about alternative parenting styles (two women etc).  She mostly babied my individualized  psych issues since being learned and well prepared does not in fact make you a great patient.  But as it turned out, my normal straight forward pregnancy turned scary at the end.  I'm glad I was in their hands to take care of.  My anesthesiologist Dr.Hsu I cannot say enough about.  I was paranoid about getting a spinal or epidural as many anesthesiologists make comments on how "fluffy/chubby" the patient is and how much harder it is to place.  Turns out mine was hard to place because of how tight my back was with muscle~take that neanderthal jerk who can't do a great epidural to save his life.  God Bless Dr. Hsu, as soon as baby was out she pushed the versed like I asked.  Thus making me oblivious to the fact that I had too much fluid and that it was port wine stained fluid.  No bueno all the way around.

So here I sit, 14 months later, writing from my couch while this beautiful amazing challenging wonder sleeps above me.  I can't wait to see what the world holds in store for us!