Monday, December 16, 2013


Sometimes I feel him kicking in my belly and I think, wow, isn't that just amazing!  Every week seems to bring more movement, kicking/punching, whatever it is.  It's starting to feel like we can actually communicate with each other.  He's not exactly responding to me pushing on his home yet (poking my belly) but he does seem to respond to certain things more than others.  He really likes Kerry's voice and moves more when she's home (despite her lack of touching/talking to him), he moves more when I'm in bed and laying on my left side (roll over to the right and it stops), he moves quite a bit when I'm at work (maybe he senses other babies nearby), and lovingly enough he likes to bounce around when I'm singing!  I can't wait until his movements get stronger and Kerry can feel him on the outside.  Of course like all other things in pregnancy that just varies from person to person, and placental location.  SIGH!

I've officially moved off of night shift and 12 hour shifts.  I'm on to swing shift, 8 hrs only, and so far its a lot better.  Seems to fit my natural rhythm so much better than days or night shift.  Of course I'll be missing the extra four hours of pay and my night shift differential, so that will be an adjustment.  But hoping that the transition to these hours will be better for childcare in the long run.

Even as I type this I'm starting to feel more kicking.  I guess baby wants some attention.  Well back to my nerd night, LOTR after I saw the Hobbit earlier today.  YEAH!