Monday, April 22, 2013


Ok, so it didn't really suck, but on a scale of fertility didn't quite happen.  So, the results of my HSG came back normal.  Uterus is normal, fallopian tubes are normal, everything peachy keen there.  Donor results also came back normal, if not slightly above normal.  So those are both great things!  Took my fertility meds this month, and guess what, NO OVULATION!!.  Stupid body.  So the nurse practitioner at Seattle Reproductive Medicine that I'll be working with going forward is going to be putting me on some new medication to try and we'll be redrawing my day 3 labs.  The one lab they drew, called AMH or anti mullerian hormone, came back slightly under normal.  They want it between 1-3, mine came back at 0.87. That apparently puts me in the low normal range.  Hence why we are drawing more labs.  For your information AMH is described thusly on wikipedia:  

AMH is expressed by granulosa cells of the ovary during the reproductive years, and controls the formation of primary follicles by inhibiting excessive follicular recruitment by FSH. It, therefore, has a role in folliculogenesis,[7] and some authorities suggest it is a measure of certain aspects of ovarian function,[8] useful in assessing conditions such aspolycystic ovary syndrome and premature ovarian failure.  

It's amazing how armed with every little bit of knowledge about myself that I could possibly have...nothing good really comes of it.  I tend to research more and more online, working myself up into a fit of paranoia about how I will never get pregnant because I have all these problems. Then you have the tests run and turns out...I don't have any problems.  Aside from obesity of course, which accounts for 10-12% of unexplained infertility.  But the NP doesn't seem to think that's a problem for me given my lab results.  So onto the next.

In non-fertility related news I'm getting my application materials together for school.  I'm still debating between the nurse midwife program and women's health.  I know, tough choice.  Ok, back to big bang theory I go!

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