Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Paths

Ok, so weird thing, while looking at Blogger statistics, I find out that I have someone viewing my blog from in Europe.  Huh, strange.  Likely they ended up here by mistake and found their way out again.  This isn't the type of blog one posts to motivate others, to share recipes and great ideas with, or hell, for anyone other than my own benefit of writing.  So, as the title says, I'm going down a new path.  I want to change, and as you readers might know of me, change is freaking hard.  I've never been one to stay on track, never been the type of person who sticks with something (ok well rarely anything anyway), but the time has come for CHANGE people.  I am done being a fatty girl.  I am done being tired all the time, not having energy, spending most of my time sleeping, being worried that I can't keep up with my nieces and nephews (and hopefully future child), feeling like I'm a loser to my more fit friends, constantly fighting with myself over how I look and what I'm doing about it.  The list goes on and on here people.  Point being, its time for a change.  I am DONE being that girl, for good.  It's not getting me anywhere, so obviously have to change what I'm doing.

That being said, here's what's the haps with the new path.  I'm following a medically followed protocol called Ideal Protein.  It's not pretty, definitely not easy, but I am going to do it because it works and like I said before, DONE.  So I might need motivation and help over the coming months.  Of course, if we do manage to get pregnant I will have to put it on hold.  Hopefully losing some weight will help with the pregnancy thing. Oh, in addition to the eating thing, also adding some daily activity thing.  Minimum of 1/2 hour of some type of activity: walking, jogging, elliptical, Wii Sports, workout video-something!  

Like that motivational sign says, nothing worth having comes easy.  I think being fitter and healthier and (godwilling) skinnier is definitely worth having.  So obviously it will not be easy, it will not be quick, and it will take work.  If you know me, and we see each other, then help me along.  Don't make unhealthy foods with me, don't let me convince you to have unhealthy foods, take me for a walk and a talk.  Root me along, help me when I fall/fail, push me to keep trying.  And in the mean time, I'll just remember the following:


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