Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hormones you say?!?

Yeah, turns out, I don't make them very well.  Found out this week, just before insemination attempt #4, that I have super low estrogen.  Like, lower than post-menopausal levels.  Guess what that means...kind of hard to support a pregnancy when you're not making the right type of hormones.  Oh and guess what else low estrogen causes: insomnia, depression, weight gain, mood swings, and night sweats.  GEE, no one who knows me would think I have any of those, right?  Oh well, on to more pills to supplement the hormones I'm not making.  Hopefully this will help with those symptoms noted above as well as getting us pregnant.  Fingers crossed....

My Signature Move~Pink
I've got a way, of making everything a confrontation
And you've got a way, of bringing out the worst in me
You see, it's just if I'm bored
I'll find a way to make an accusation
I've got a problem with more
So gimme, gimme everything


Not my fault, Not at all
I can't help you what you want?
Get in line, take a number
Get you when my song is over
If you leave it up to me I'll make a lie the truth, it's true
And then I'll break it off, make it bleed
tell you that it's you not me
Make a scene at a show, just because the wind blows
Shoot myself in the foot to make a point I can't prove, to get back to you
That's just my signature move

You call me cra- (cray)
-zie and I think it's me and I just don't like it.
I'm just a sensitive babe
And you need to please me right
You know I said I would change
I did I went and tried a different outfit
And if that's not enough
You won't be riding dirty tonight

Repeat Chorus

That's just my signature move (x3)

I start fights in my dreams
A kick-a-kick off the sheets
I Don't Apologise
You wouldn't see it in my eyes
I'm not a good best friend
If there's a rule I will bend
I'll makes it trouble for you
It's all I know how to do
I'm not responsi..

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