Thursday, May 10, 2012

Two Months, huh?!?

You would think within two months time that I would have a lot to say.  When did I suddenly become a quiet person?  Well I didn't, I'm sure that's not the problem.  I guess to some extent I'm keeping more stuff to myself these days.  Everyone has their own issues to deal with, their own struggles with everyday life, why bother sharing/burdening myself to others when some of them simply don't care or have so much of their own stuff to deal with that they can't care.  I know, very negative.  Maybe I'm just feeling down with the overwhelming amount of crap I need to do for school that I have yet to do.  Maybe it's because graduation is almost upon me and I'm going to be turning 34.  Is this my midlife crisis?  I bet it is, I don't really think I'll live much beyond 68, right?  Who knows.  Oh well.  Ok, even writing this post makes me sound retarded, yet its like my typical problem, hemorrhage of the mouth has taken place and now I must get it all out and onto the online journal that is my blog.  Or maybe not, maybe the urge has passed and I can just breathe through until the next moment, and the next, and the one after that...

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