Sunday, November 06, 2011

One Month In..

Well one month in to the school/work/life combination and its definitely had its ups and downs.  There are some nights that I have actually broken down in tears and wanted to give up on the whole thing.  Work itself is going great and I love that part of it.  School...well that's another story.  First of all, not sure the master's program is the right choice for me anymore.  But who knows what will happen.
Today was a semi-rough day at work.  Sort of slow and then on top of that I was zero/four for IV starts.  Such a bummer cause they looked like great starts to start with.  Then ended up not being the best things ever.  Totally lame.
What else is lame, sitting at home, on a Saturday night, at 0100 and still not asleep.  My mistake though since I forgot to refill my medications and thus have no sleeping pills for tonight.  ARGH!
I thought I had a lot to write about...turns out I actually don't.  So I'll say goodnight for now and see you all on the flip side.

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