Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's Beer O'Clock Sunday!

Aren't you excited?  I know I am.  5 nights from tonight it's the premiere of Breaking Dawn (yes I'm a twihard in case you didn't know and NO I don't care if you judge me because of it).  As of right now I'm going on Friday with Tiffany (my bff) and Sarah (my twinnie) and hopefully maybe again on Sunday with Kendra (one friend)...but she hasn't responded quite yet.  Speaking of responses, apparently you only get comments on your blog if you allow anonymous posters to post questions you are expected to answer.  Ever since I posted that blog about how you should be brave enough to at least put your name on your post....nothing!  Now granted, my blogs aren't exactly earth shattering motivational type lovely dovey type posts, but a comment here and there would be nice.  (Now of course I'll probably get several comments and they will likely be making fun of me, but I don't care).  :)  As the blog says, those who know me love me and if you don't know me or love me...then who the F cares.
So, I'm watching the third movie in the Twilight series again tonight.  Watched New Moon again tonight also (had to order both of these this week as my New Moon had mysteriously disappeared-for which I blame Kerry as it's the one I relate to the most and I think she doesn't like to see me cry to it)...but anywho, I digress.  I ordered both 2 and 3 from amazon earlier this week.  Watching them again just gets me all ramped up for the premiere of Breaking Dawn this weekend.  It will be the highlight of my week to say the least.
Today I spent a lot of time sleeping.  I really needed to catch up, I seriously had a mini breakdown at school on Friday after one of my classmates told me that I looked like shit (he said it nicer than this, but still, the effect was the same).  I feel like I am caught up on sleep at least, thank God.  Now I need to catch up on homework.  Need to find the motivation for that.  UGH!
No song to leave you with tonight, all I have are movie lines in my head.  And of course given this post, you could all guess what they might be!  Happy Sunday!!

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