Monday, October 17, 2011

One Week In

Well I'm one week in to the work and school schedule and so far it's going ok.  Work is really boring right now but its about to get more exciting at the end of this week~we'll actually finally be on the floor, thankfully.  I am so tired of sitting in classrooms for hours on end, sometimes learning stuff that is new but mostly learning stuff I already knew (about the job anyway).  And then of course there is having to sit on my butt during my school classes too.  Oh joy oh fun times.  We have this really hard class this semester called Nursing Theory and of course its taught by the Dean!  So you know, its not exactly a class you can blow off or give a minimal effort in.  I have stayed caught up with all of my readings this semester which is better than I normally do. I mean I usually get caught up at some point or another but actually staying on top of stuff...not as bad as I imagined!
So I'm sitting at the Starbucks near my house studying (well right now I'm obviously on a break from studying).  I can't seem to study very well at home, there are too many things to distract me-like the cats, chores, the tv, my phone, the computer (i.e. facebook)~super difficult for me.  I just don't seem to have that same problem when I'm at a Starbucks, even though some of the same temptations are here that are at home.  Well, on that note, I should probably get back to it!  Happy week to everyone out there in blog world!

No song to leave you with today.  Nothing weighing on the mind right now besides school---there just isn't a song for that one at the moment!  :)  

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