Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Over a month, really?

Aw fuck it, should I really be surprised.  This has got to be my most stressful quarter of school ever, and that's putting it mildly.  In addition to working almost 40 hours a week at the hospital along with occasionally being at the hotel for work and then also doing homework and feels like I've hardly caught a breath.  I keep telling myself, only about 1 1/2 more weeks to go and then I'll be better off.  Some time between classes will feel really nice after this hellish time frame.  Then it's on to the NCLEX and massive studying for that.  I know I'll pass, I'm not worried about that, but the testing itself...again stressful.
Super short post tonight, sort of tired and a little wiped out from all that sun today.  See ya on the dark side!


Tiffany said...

You said fuck! Haha- anyways, hang in there girl you are doing awesome! It will be over before you know it. And then it will be on to bigger and better. Love you :)

SarahLynn said...

Keep it up, you'll make it.

Anonymous said...

When will you post again ? Been looking forward to this !