Thursday, August 18, 2011

Did It!!

Passed classes this semester, finished my 336 hours of clinical preceptorship time and also had an interview for an RN Residency position with labor and delivery.  It has been a busy few months, but I'm happy to say that I am now prepared to sit for my NCLEX and become a nurse.  Then it's just time to find a job, which hopefully won't be as difficult as everyone thinks it will be.  Now to celebrate with having a few weeks off.  I'm taking one of our teacher's suggestions and just relaxing as much as possible.  This will likely involve some house work that I've been neglecting, such as cleaning the bathrooms and organizing the desk and bookshelves.  I've also made it back to the gym which is a great thing AND tonight I'll be playing a soccer game...outdoors of course, in this gorgeous hot weather.  Summer sure made a late appearance, but at least it's here now.
Well, short post yet again, but my bff just got home and I think we're going to go have lunch!
Peace out!!

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Tiffany said...

Great job Jaime, I hope you get your relaxation in while you are on break! Lunch was awesome by the way. Love ya :)