Sunday, June 26, 2011

Once again my friends and countrymen

"Lend me your ears and eyes, the showstopper is stupid fresh, when will you be satisfied?" Yeah that's right, I just started off my blog with salt n pepa lyrics.  I'm super dope def like that.  Once again it's time for late night blogging with Jaime.  I know I know, it's not all that late, but close enough.  I'm enjoying a few drinks tonight and if I wait until later....well who the hell knows what kind of blog you'll get.  Wait, I'm sober right now, and I can't really guarantee what kind of blog you'll get anyway.  Let's just face it people, if you have some sort of high brow expectation of a blog should totally head somewhere else.
Feeling a little inspired this evening, watching Legally Blonde, so how could I not?!?!  I saw two deliveries today in L&D, both were c-sections.  Sort of a bummer that they weren't vaginal deliveries, but for both of these ladies it had been long hard time of laboring so I'm sure they were excited to be done already.  One was a young girl, which I normally would have felt a lot of horror and pity for, however this was the most mature girl of her age that I've met in awhile and she had an excellent support system around her.  Her baby was very cute even though it was born asynclitic.  For those not in the know, this means that baby's head was slightly sideways and was not inline with the birth canal (which would explain why she had to have a c-section).
So after those two uninspired paragraphs I suddenly developed writers block.  Bummer.  Ok, so that's all for now folks!

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