Wednesday, May 25, 2011


See, I'd like to finish that blog title up there.  But my medication (Lunesta) for sleep is making me so damn tired during the day that I can barely function.  Turns out getting a good nights sleep is much harder than they make it sound like it should be.  Fucking sheep, they never help.  Sometimes alcohol works...but we all know that's not a good path for me to be taking.  I've gone to the gym, I've quieted the house for time before, I've attempted nothing but sleeping in bed....all to no avail.  SUPER LAME is what I say to that.  So, I'm going off this medication since it's only helping 1/2 the problem and totally creating another one altogether that I'd like to not have.  Hello doctor lady, it's hard enough for me to be up during the day as it is.  If I'm passing out by about 8pm then what is the point of wanting to be a night nurse.  That won't work!
So, tomorrow is my last final and it's in OB.  I should do pretty well on this one as it's my area of interest and I actually pay attention really well in this class.  However, it is the last final and my brain is immensely fried from the previous two that I've already taken.  UGH!  But like I've said before, I am so glad this semester is done.  Still waiting of course to hear about my preceptorship, but just trying to be patient on that one.  Ok, no song today, my favorites are still in my head!
Happy Wednesday people.

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