Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Great Divide

Sometimes it feels like my personality is straddling a river.  On the one side of the river I am a somewhat logical rational person who really likes to KNOW and understand things.  On the other side of the river I am this person who is emotional and relies on my intuition to guide me through a lot of things.  The river is this constant flow of people, places, things, situations that flows by me and half the time it ebbs and flows into the emotional side and sometimes it goes into the rational side.  Now which side of the river these things go to, it determines a lot for me.  But the problem with being me and straddling this river is that the emotional side wants to ignore the rational side, and the rational side that can intellectualize its way out of a tricky situation tends to over-emotionalize everything.  Yes I know over-emotionalize is not a word, but you get the idea.
So I have people in my life who are what I like to call "trouble" for me.  People who kick start that emotional size and make it completely take over the rational part of me.  I try to reign that in for the most part as it doesn't make for a comfortable living situation for me.  Sometimes though I just cannot make those two sides come together and agree for the life of me.
Ok short post, worried my grammar will continue to get worse (along with my spelling) as I get more tired.  Night world!

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