Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MAMA, I'm coming Home!

My TWINNIE is coming home, Friday, as in this Friday!  Ok, now I know, I shouldn't be so excited that Japan had a tsunami and there is tons of devastation and not cool stuff going on over there.  But I'm very glad that Sarah & Evan are coming home; and hopefully soon also Scott.  I am beyond happiness to have the rest of my "family" home with me and close to where I can get to them.  Sorry Sarah, but it's totally true, that's all the mooshy you get out of me for now.

On another note, labor and delivery was pretty stale today.  Really busy with plenty of moms getting admitted for delivery, but no babies born while I was there.  Very sad stuff.  I did at least get to help with plenty of stuff though and the nurse I was working with quizzed on me on fetal heart rates for about 45 minutes prior to even SEEING my patient that I worked with.

Ok no song, kinda late and I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow.  Go team!!

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SarahLynn said...

seriously, I don't know what time this was but you should probably have been in bed. Yep, that's right, I'm coming back to go all naggy mom on you.