Monday, March 21, 2011

It's the Circle of Life!!

So, it's not the Lion King, and that's not me singing up above (although it easily could be with a few beers and a karaoke machine), but I had THE BEST DAY IN LABOR AND DELIVERY today that I could possibly have.  Now you may think that I am a super stupid retard, but let me explain before you pass judgment.  Today was my last day in L&D at Madigan (tomorrow my carpool/class BFF Jodi and I are in L&D at St. Joseph's Hospital in Tacoma).  Now, I ended up in triage, which of course does not sound like it would be that exciting.  Mostly it's pregnant moms in various stages of their pregnancy who have a complication or something else that makes them need to be monitored (i.e. the flu, pre-eclampsia, pre-term labor, etc).  So I spent a lot of time hooking up pregnant moms to the fetal heart rate monitor, which for a normal person is probably really boring and not that exciting, but for ME-hooking up those moms and hearing that baby heart beat-it was the best sound in the world today!  To top this off, my C-section mom that I took care of last week was in today to have her staples removed (which was awesome because I got to see Dad, big sister, Mom, and baby again).  I talked with her briefly before heading out to get more linens for the triage area.  On my way out and back in, I ran into my Mom from last week whom I blogged about, the one who reminded me of ME and had the larger baby with the 4th degree laceration.  She HUGGED me, and I immediately asked if it was ok for me to pick baby up and hold him and she said, "Of course it is".  I picked him up and rocked him in my arms, holding him and loving him like I do, while I talked to mom and escorted her back to triage.  Turns out she was there to have her laceration and repair examined by the doctor, which I got to be there for and observe and was fairly interesting in itself.  I had a very long conversation with Mom and it was so nice to hear that she said, "You were the best thing of my labor experience, you were so calm and answered all my questions and were so nice"...seriously the best feeling ever!  And then to have her tell my teacher that "for what it's worth you should totally pass her" is really cool (although somewhat awkward since my teacher of course will pass me if I do well in class).  Ha ha.  But really, being able to see two patients in a row whom I started with during their deliveries and then being able to see them again after the awesome.  I know most people won't understand that, but those of you that know me will totally get it!!
Song for the day, well no song for today I think, just the best day of clinical experience so far...even after two days with my favorite Mom!


Tiffany said...

Wow, sounds like you have found something that you love, are good at and enjoy. Good for you. You will make a great nurse in whatever field you choose. Glad you had a good day :)

SarahLynn said...

It always feels good to see where they've got to. I love to see my kids after they have left the center. They are so grown up, and it offers some closure on their further development. Of course this always makes me feel old.