Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lyric Randomness

So, I was thinking I wanted to post tonight, however upon logging into my dashboard and opening up a new post, all that came to mind were many snippets of lyrics to songs I like.  So because that seemed to be what needed to be put out on paper (or digital paper as the case may be), I am just putting out random lyrics from wherever, whatever, and whenever they happen to appear in a song.  I'm not crediting artists, just putting it out there people.  Looking forward to a great Sunday tomorrow.  xoxoxo

Have you ever hated yourself for staring at the phone? Your whole life waiting on the ring to prove you're not alone.  Have you ever been touched so gently you had to cry? Have you ever invited a stranger to come inside?

I can't tell you what it really is.
I can only tell you what it feels like.
And right now, it's a steel knife in my windpipe.
I can't breathe, but I still fight while I can fight.

Cause I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it 
Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it 
Sticks and stones may break my bones 
But chains and whips excite me 

So much, so young, I faced on my own
Walls I built up, became my own
I’m strong and I’m sure there is a fire in us
Sweet love so pure

So tell me when you hear my heart stop
You're the only one that knows
Tell me when you hear my silence
There's a possibility I wouldn't know

I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away
I keep your photograph and I know it serves me well

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