Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well it's 2011 now.  Another year come and gone, who else didn't keep their new year's resolutions?!?  In my defense, being derailed from running my first half marathon due to appendicitis/scar tissue adhesions, sort of not my fault.  So, I thought I'd repeat them for this year.  I am going to run the NODM this year (like I should have last year).  That's my resolution people. Those of you that are around pretty frequently, maybe you can help me keep it.  Speaking of the new year, here is the picture at the end of the night to celebrate it:

Yup, go ahead and marvel at the awesomeness of this picture, I know you want to.  Now, this is my second attempt at our self photo.  Apparently for the first one (which I vaguely remember), I pushed the button, ran around to the opposite side of this photo, tripped over the chair, landed in the hallway, and yet still popped up to make it into the picture--go me!  Tiffany says this is likely when I managed to scratch my chin.  Nothing better than waking up New Year's Day with an unidentified scratch.  SWEET!

Pediatrics rotation started yesterday at Madigan Army Medical Center.  Sort of a huge place, super big, super confusing to get around.  And of course there is all the government rig-a-ma-roll to work around just to be able to navigate the facility.  We spent the first two days in orientation, getting our badges, access codes, passwords...etc.  Despite all of this, I do feel a pretty good satisfaction in being able to serve our armed services this way.  My first day will be in the pediatric hematology/oncology unit, which is great since this is another area of pediatrics that I am interested in (having completed my med/surg rotation on an oncology unit).

So, I started to type another post yesterday however bailed on it as I was too emotional and not in a very good mood.  Sort of funny actually how you realize things, hopefully in time, but sometimes too late and you have to recover from them.  Sometimes we let people break us down so far, kill our self esteem in a way, that we no longer recognize who we are.  Be they lover, friend, mentor, acquaintance; some of us are just more easily injured by others actions than we should be.  I am one of those people, but I'm trying to build that back up. Working on it anyway, working on not taking things so personally, and realizing that of course the world does not unfortunately revolve around me.  Who knew?!?!

Well, the gym waits for no woman (technically mine is open for 24 hours a day during the week so I guess really it could be waiting for me).  I have no lyrics to leave you with today...nothing jumping out at me at the moment that I feel like commenting about.
Happy New Year to All

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