Monday, August 09, 2010

Finally Done Done Done!

Advanced pathophysiology is finally done.  I can't even begin to express my happiness as to this class being complete.  I don't even care if I didn't do very well on the final today, I will still end up with at least a C in the class, and not to sound like an underachiever, but I am seriously ok with that in this class.  I have an A in all the other classes (am in fact enjoying my clinical experience more than I expected to), but hey, we all have strong points and weak points.  Apparently Professor Dolan's methods of teaching and my methods of learning, totally not on the same page.
So today in lab we did tracheotomy care.  It was awesome.  Learned about suctioning and cleaning and worked more on sterile technique.  We have eureka day on Friday which means we'll be doing another simulation to test our technique.  I actually am really enjoying classes these days,  I mean aside from pathophys.  This makes me happy since I am paying a lot for school and this is supposed to be my happy career change....and I think it really will be.  I am going to be an awesome nurse!
xoxo everyone
No song today!!


SarahLynn said...

Way to go. But no song, I look forward to those. Gives me a little insight on how you might have been feeling at the time. What about, "I gotta feeling" that song by the blackeyed peas? Or, "It's a beautiful day", possibly by U2 or someone similarly sounding. Sorry can't remember who sings that. Anyway. Glad that awful class is over.

AlaskaMe said...

From my point a C is awesome especially when you don't like the class. As for the A's well that;s just rockin it. So when i am old you will still have the energy to wipe my butt right - cause it's all about me. :o)