Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yes, Yes I am writing Again!

Well I've now been home from surgery for four days and....I haven't killed anyone or hurt any animals, so I think I'm doing ok.  LOL.  Seriously though, it's hard to stay home and just REST.  I mean I like to sleep, who doesn't, but when you are basically being told you have to rest and not do much activity, it's not really the same as just choosing to sleep.  Sigh...oh well!
Today, in an attempt to reduce the boredom, I have put in my pride & prejudice dvd's.  Tiffany and Will came to "air me out" today by taking me to Devan's soccer game, so I at least enjoyed soaking up some vitamin d.  Today is Kendra's birthday (Happy Birthday Kendra), yet she is a good enough friend to come visit and bring her daughter over as well, including picking up some chinese food on her way over here.  Which leads me to my next topic....friends.
I feel very blessed in my friendship, both my very close ones as well as my "facebook" friends (acquaintances).  Sometimes it's easy to forget why we love people in the first place or why we choose them as friends.  But it's during times like this (post surgery, high on pain meds) that I get to reflect on all the nice things my friends do for me.  So thank you, to all of you who are my friends and who help me during my rough times, I am truly lucky to know all of you and to count you amongst my friends.  And feeling this blessedness leads me to another subject....Kerry.
Kerry is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  She is loyal to me, loves me, and everyday shows me how much I mean to her by all of the little silly things she does to "take care" of me on a daily basis.  But then there are the larger things she does for me, like helping me use a bed pan when I am in the hospital...hello?!?! that's a whole lot of love right there.  And like after my first two days of stir craziness here at home, I was...well I was a raging bitch.  She just took it, took the apologies as well, and then just let it roll of her shoulders.  Good god she's a saint, who can do that?  I love my wife Kerry (in case you couldn't tell).
30 days from today until school starts.  Time passes so quickly...


PS-Forgive the typos, grammar mistakes, et all since I am not very well equipped mentally for writing right now.  (Hello percocet & vicodin)

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