Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Medical Issues?!?

Okay, so seriously people. How do I end up with all of these problems, real or imagined I suppose. Let's see, last Friday I had a colonoscopy...not even 32 years old yet and I had someone sticking camera's up my rectum/colon/etc to check out my insides. YEAH! So, on Saturday I started developing this lower right quadrant pain while Kerry and I were out for a walk. I seriously thought I had a side ache....from WALKING. Who gets a side ache from walking anyway? But anyhow, I digress, this pain progressed into Sunday and by Sunday evening it was pretty sharp and hurting. After speaking with the on call GI doctor, we ended up at Good Samaritan Hospital's ER department. They did a CT scan where the discovered by appendix was slightly large but it didn't appear inflamed. Although there was some concern that my lapband had slipped out of place. NOT GOOD! So they wanted to take the conservative approach and sent me home with meds and no surgeries. Okay fine no problem.
Fast forward to Monday at my surgeons office, where apparently I didn't realize how big of a problem this appendix could be to me since if it bursts it can infect my whole lap band system. Needless to say by 230 yesterday afternoon I was admitted at St. Francis hospital and having my appendix out. After surgery come to discover that I had some scar tissue that was forming an adhesion from my colon to my pelvic area, a fairly long one. Dr. Hirai thinks this might have been the cause of other abdominal pains that I had been having and/or might have been the cause of some of my intestinal distress. I'm hoping this is the case as I neither wanted to give up anything lactose related nor give up all gluten (goodbye beer) if I had been diagnosed with celiac's. UGH!
So, 4-6 weeks of healing time means no running for the 1/2 marathon. Sad sad day. I will be trying to switch my registration over to the walking group so that I can still complete it. I'm out from work for a week, then I have a 10lb weight limit for lifting. Good times.
1 month and 3 days until my nursing school program starts! Just submitted my loan paperwork documentation today. Fingers crossed that it all gets approved as it would be perfect for what we need to get through the program financially and in a comfortable position.

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