Monday, September 07, 2009

New Beginnings..Somewhat

Alright everybody, for those of you that get these emails, you will also likely see an invitation to view my blog. For reasons mostly I need to know, my blog is now private (as opposed to being able to be seen by everyone). I want just those of you I know and love to see what is going on with me, not be perved at by those I need to cut out of my life and/or random strangers who really, let's face it, likely have no interest in my life or random ramblings. Unlike you poor suckers that I like to expose to my inane blogging, which mostly doesn't make sense, but hey, at least I am reaching out to you all through the cyber world.
Just ordered my referee's kit online, so as soon as that's here I'll be rocking and rolling to referee some games. Finished doing Devan's soccer team shorts last night so they are ready to hand out tomorrow at practice. Then we have team pictures on Wednesday. GO CLEATS!!
Anyway off to clean house, like I like to do.