Thursday, July 09, 2009

Lag Time (Not to be confused with Log Time)

Yeah don't mind the title joke, it's a microbiology thing, you likely won't understand and will not find funny unless you are me. Okay so it's been a month (since I've posted, since I've talked to someone, so many things). Oh first off, I lost 10lbs last month. Halla fricking lula, that's what I'm saying about that. In bad news, turns out my band was too tight, was causing problems with massive chest pains and really bad heart burn feeling, so as of yesterday my band is currently unfilled. Yes that's right, I can now eat anything to my heart's content...oh god what a bad thing. Ha ha. Although I am so freaking happy to be not in pain it's ok. I go in tomorrow morning for another endoscopy to determine if my band has slipped and/or to see if my hiatal hernia has returned or gotten worse. Fingers crossed that both of those things have not happened. Assuming they have not, I go back into the doctor's on the 27th (Kerry's birthday for those of you keeping track at home) to have him fill me back up to just slightly under where I was last time. YEAH!!
So this quarter of school is going well so far. 92% on my first microbiology test and I get my A&P test back tonight, so hopefully that one will be great also. Additionally, my A&P professor from last quarter emailed me telling me that he had readjusted the weight of pop quizzes which adversely affected me since I was one of the few people who did WELL on them and he switched my grade to a 3.0 which means...I DON'T HAVE TO RETAKE THAT FRICKING CLASS. This just leaves me with taking the GRE in the fall and then applying to PLU's program, getting accepted and working my ASS off until then paying off as much debt as possible. It's all totally within my reach people.
Leaving for Maui on wednesday, can't wait. Although I am already tan of course (well as tan as this freakishly pale chick sometimes gets anyway), I can't wait to get even more tan from the Maui sun and possibly checking out the nude beach near our hotel.
"Come To Me (Peace)" That was love That was then That was us, miracles I changed you You changed me This is how these things go I was broke And you were scared But you stayed by my side, yea I was yours You were mine It seemed we'd last forever, oh yea I'd be the one you need You would be the one I marry And I'm just trying to invite my way back in your heart And I'm telling you to... Come to me I'll restore freedom I'll carve away the worries in your heart Your heart is missed I'm a mess, what happened to second chance This is now, this is how easy things can get out of hand We were cold, and we were slow then, now we end faster than light, than light And I'm not ashamed cause my love ain't changed I'm prepared to beg you back the whole way Bring me your arms, I'll bring mine too And we will heal, mend, me and you, telling you... Come to me I'll restore freedom I'll carve away the worries in your heart I'm telling you to... Through my doors, and take my hand Replace our love beyond this land This is just too much to give away I love you baby, so why don't you stay Let the air of your voice dry my tears Let "I love you", fall on my ears I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you I want you to just... Come to me I'll restore freedom I'll carve away your worries in your heart I'm here to make peace peace peace between you and I Wanna make peace with you peace baby I don't wanna fight, I just wanna do everything right Show me how to make peace with you I do wanna make peace with you