Wednesday, June 17, 2009

They are In..

Grades are in, and YEAH I got a 3.4 in chemistry, but BOO I only got a 2.9 in A&P. I'm pretty annoyed about this A&P grade and have emailed my professor to find out what's going on. I had a 3.3 prior to the final, and did not completely bomb it, so was very shocked when he emailed me that grade. Worst case scenario I will retake it for a better grade during fall quarter (while I am studying for the GRE, yeah good times).
This is supposed to be my week off, but I have picked up several shifts and am working some good hours. I worked from 5am-1030 this morning and later today I am going with Shelley to get pedicures in Tukwila. I got invited to play soccer tonight at Marymoor, so yeah I am going to do that. AND tomorrow is This End Up's playoff game at 645 at Ingraham HS, and since I don't have class I get to do that as well. Oh, and Friday it's STORM basketball. Yeah!
Less than a month until we leave for Maui! I can't wait to get out of town for awhile. Sigh.
Piece by piece I take apart This complicated heart And I hope to find Something I can prove is real I can feel is truth I can say is mine That's all I ever wanted to be The closer that I got The further I could see But when lovers change And the night feels strange We choose our road The letting go

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