Thursday, May 28, 2009

It was yesterday..

Yesterday was my birthday.  Thank you to all of those who wished me a happy one.  It's funny...sometimes you are surprised by those who care for you and wish you a happy birthday.  And then othertimes you are surprised by those you thought cared...who didn't even say hello/booya/kiss my ass to you on your birthday.  Oh well, I guess yet again it lets you know who really matters in your life and who is just.....absent.
Tiffany & Niko took me out to lunch at BJ's brewery at the tacoma mall.  I picked up Kerry's ring from Jared.  I hung out with Liz at my house while I washed my truck.  Oh that reminds me, cause you all know I love wonderful wife got me a shark mop, some shamwows, some perfume and.....ROCK BAND!!  I am so excited.  We will totally be ready for the white trash party tomorrow night.
I've been updating my music in itunes for the last few days.  Found one of my old cd holders with cd's i'd been looking for forever.  It takes too long to import CD's into itunes, but I am working on it.  I am also taking some music out of my playlist, stuff that reminds me of shit I'd rather not think about or stuff that is just too damned depressing.
I registered for summer classes today.  I am the 2nd person on the waitlist for my A&P class. Hopefully I get in because it's pretty much the last class (along with microbiology) that is required.  Then I can start applying everywhere.  Fingers crossed that I get in somewhere.  Otherwise I'll be working two jobs for awhile until I get in someplace!  Ha ha.

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