Thursday, April 16, 2009


its time for another tattoo folks. that's right, you know i've always needed a fifth one, which means eventually a sixth since i hate odd numbers. so, it's going on my right wrist, that much i know for sure. what it will contain is still up in the air. today i think i came up with something i might do. "ad idem" over a roman numeral II. ad idem=of the same mind...and of course we all know what the roman numeral stands for, right?!? if you don't know, you're retarded so just move on. it's sunny out today, very beautiful, reminds me of summer. summer means storm games are coming. storm games mean....well they mean something that's for sure. not sure if disneyland is happening now, hopefully it will, but things are too much up in the air. i can't believe i'm going to be 31 next month, where the hell does the time go? a year seems to pass without so much as a second glance and without much thought about it. but so much can change in a year, so many things can be seen through a different viewpoint, a different lens on life, a different heart. a year seems like a long time, so how can it pass so quickly? do you remember where you were a year ago, do you know what you were doing? i never fails. argh, i don't really want to go to class, i pretty much can't stand this class. i think it's the teacher, i hope it gets better, i really do. oh hey, but i still love chemistry, and chemistry loves me back. "I pull the covers 'cross the bed I tuck away the thoughts in my head And I live behind closed doors Knowing I will always love you more"


Anonymous said...

Trina suggests a pink skull. With crossbones.

Anonymous said...

Well have you gotten your tattoo yet?

AlaskaMe said...

Tattoos! I think it should say "Pucky" with alittle popcorn kernnel. I think she would like it. By the way I know you don't like your age but it makes me feel better that you will always be older then me. HA!