Friday, March 20, 2009


Two, that's right people, I'm down two whole sizes!! Tiffany and I went shopping today for Renee's bachelorette party coming up and I got a new dress, and its cute, and it looks really hot on me. Oh so that's just the first part of my news. The second part is that we went to Victoria's Secret and I got sized for a bra. Um, hello ladies....I wear a 38D!! That's right a DDDDDDDDDDD. I am so excited. Here I am thinking I am super small chested, but amazingly enough, I am not small chested. Mich-wait until you see my new bras; my boobs look huge. Big thanks to Tiffany and Devan for being my audience so that I could find appropriate clothing for this shindig coming up. I'm excited about this, can you tell?!? I wasn't going to blog anymore but I couldn't resist shouting this out to the world.......

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

It's March 4, 2009

Yeah, so obviously my creativity does not lie in coming up with a blog title, so there you have it, the excited are you now to read my blog?!? So, for those of you that do not know about my recent struggles, here is the update. I have been debating for some time on what to do with the puppy. My beautiful girl, Lilly, is adorable and is and will continue to be a great dog. However, with as many hours as I've been working, and what I will be doing with my volunteering at Mary Bridge, on top of the fact that my classes are going to get progressively harder, I have decided that I do not fairly have enough time to spend with the dog. I therefore have decided to give her to Gene and Cynthia. They will be able to spend more time with her, Gene has always wanted a pitbull, and Isaiah will make a great play companion for her. I love my dog dearly, but do not want her to feel neglected in anyway by the lack of time that I will continue to have for her in the future. This decision of course affects my mom greatly, because we know "how she feels about her animals" as she put it, but I know in my heart it will be the best choice for Lilly. As an example, I got my biology exam back today. Let's just say, I didn't do very well, and I know that it was because I did not have time to re-read my chapters as I should have because I was feeling guilty about puppy and spending time with her. So, because I will not have the dog occupying much of my time, I have made a new commitment to myself. I will be in the gym 1-2 hours everyday (unless its a soccer night of course). I have goals to make from this surgery and after finally seeing some results, I am more motivated than ever to reach my ultimate goal. Next quarter, I have chemistry and anatomy and physiology. I am excited for both, as I have discovered that I have a great aptitude for chemistry and am excited to begin the first round of anatomy and physiology. I will also hopefully, fingers crossed, keep up my progress on psychology so that I can get it finished up. Oh and I am hopefully starting part-time at my sister's hotel too. They were waiting for an opening and someone just got fired. YEAH ME, hotel discount here I come. Tiff-let's talk Disney, shall we?!? xoxo-J