Sunday, February 01, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

It's superbowl sunday. I'd like to say that I'm having a huge party and everyone is invited, however I have to work, go me!! Ha ha. But I am okay with that, because I could care less about the cardinals or the steelers, so watching the superbowl is overrated to me this year. I wonder who I am closing with though, that makes all the difference in how the day goes at work. I closed with connie last night. She freaking rocks! We were out of there on time and I got all my anal retentive cleaning done. Woohoo. Well for those of you that don't know, our friend Terry is living with us for a little while. Terry is a friend from college (Tiffany's college, not mine). So, wanted to let everyone know so that no one would be concerned if they called my house and a guy answers the phone. Ha ha. Although it is funny, given that with the exception of Lucky, this was an all girl house, so now having a guy living here can/will be different. No biggie. Onwards and upwards. Took my second chemistry test. I totally rocked it of course, I love chemistry I think, I must be weird. Oh wait, we ALL already knew that. I get the test back tomorrow, so I will know for sure, but I am certain I did pretty well. I finally got my DVD's for the psych class and was supposed to do a lot of psych studying this weekend, so far that hasn't really happened. I have done biology reading instead and have been worried about the dog. She hasn't been acting quite like her usual self since she has been home, we may be taking her to the vet's. Poor thing. Busy week this week, second interview for the volunteer position, second interview at Laurie's hotel so that I can be a fill in person for them. Oh wait, I just realized, now that I will be a hotel employee that means I can get my own cheap hotel rooms,whenever I want. YES!!!! That is freaking exciting. Oh wait, and of course making more money would be good too. Ha ha. Terry was happy to be here from spokane, said how the depression rating index in spokane was 100 and coming here (for him) it was a zero. I said hey, just wait, I bet I can change that for you. Ha ha. I'm a funny girl. xoxo-Lacey

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