Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Right Thing

Well, what a loaded title for a blog, right? But hey, you'll understand why in a little while. As you probably read in my last post, Kerry and I were trying to help a friend out recently. Turns out, you can't help someone who won't help himself. Needless to say, our friend Terry is no longer staying here and he won't be returning here anytime in the near future. Bummer news, but hey, can't blame myself (even though that is what I want to do) because people have issues and you can only try to do your best. I have never claimed to be perfect, nor do I ever expect to be, but I try to do the right things, even if sometimes those are not the "right things" for me according to others. I want right now to not question why it is I put my faith/trust/love in people that do not deserve it. Is it something I am doing wrong, or the people that I choose just not worthy of what I have to offer them. I don't know. Not a positive day. Post again some other time. LC

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