Friday, February 27, 2009


It's Friday, that's great news, right?!? Ha ha. Well let's see, I finished my biology paper late last night, at around 12:30 and got it emailed and printed out this morning so that is all good. I know it wasn't my best paper either, but hey, I am a natural born writer sometimes and it will definitely be good enough for this teacher. I got registered for next quarter's classes. Happy to say that I had met with an advisor yesterday and found out that I was closer than I thought, which means I can apply to Pierce's nursing program this spring for entrance winter quarter and I can apply to TCC's program for fall quarter. That is exciting news. I am also one step closer to starting my volunteership at Mary Bridge. I went in to the hospital today to get my booster for MMR, so that is cool too, although my arm is a bit sore at the moment. Before I get into nursing school I also have to start the rounds of Hep vaccinations, yeah!! More pricks in the arm. One more paper to write for biology, but it is more of a personalized essay about our volunteer work. Chemistry project due in two weeks, which will be easy also. I'm happy to tell everyone I have a 4.0 in chemistry right now and about a 3.5 in biology which is great for me. Haven't made enough progress in psych yet, but plan on getting some done in the next two weeks (good thing its a self paced class). ha ha. xoxo-LC

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