Saturday, January 10, 2009

Week One

So, I survived week one of school. I am pretty glad I must say. Although I think biology is going to be more work than I was expecting, but we will see after the first exam anyway. Chemistry is going well, as is psychology, but hello~I am psycho, I should have like a phD in all things psychology related. Oh wait, if I had that I wouldn't be going back to school now would I?!? So another "guy" moment took place today, although this one was so subtle I almost didn't catch it. So I'm with Tiffany and Devan at the mall, shopping for Renee's bridal shower present, and I had to use the restroom. So I head on over, do my thing, and am washing my hands at the sink when this semi-older lady walked in (probably early 50's or so). She stops when she sees me at the sink and then pauses, kind of does a little back step, then goes forward into the stall to do her thing. Yeah, she thought I was a dude and she had walked into the men's bathroom. Um, for those of you with short hair that have been experiencing this for awhile (obviously this would not be me), you are probably used to it. As for me, it is driving me crazy. Hello, I am a girl, would like people to still see me that way. So I'm thinking I'm going to grow my hair back out. Please everyone hold onto your hats while I am in the in-between stage and not looking so hot! But lest you all be concerned, I am not completely going back to long hair, probably just a reverse bob. (If you don't know what that is, I will not bother to explain it to you). Potty training with the puppy is going much better. Yesterday she actually went to the door "asking" to be let out and that was adorable. Also she is getting more excited to go for walks on her leash which I am happy about because it gets her exercise (and me too), as well as getting her energy out so that she is not wanting to chew on everything (like my hands, feet, toes, get the idea). But mostly she's doing good puppy things. Oh, except, the cats are now sneezing too. Now the vet says, kennel cough is not transferable, but apparently they can get a virus or what not. So waiting for that to run its course. Oh yeah, didn't have soccer last night, didn't work tonight. Aww how quickly things change. But we totally rocked on Thursday, 5-1!!! xoxo-LC

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