Friday, January 23, 2009

So many things.

So many things happened this week, where to begin. Let's see, we swore in our new president and that was an auspicious day (yes its a ten letter word so sue me). I got my chemistry test back, and get this, I got the highest score in the class. There were 100 points possible, plus a 4 point bonus question (which by the way was what is our favorite color and why, hello, not a brain stumper here). I got 103 pts, yes I know, not perfect. She took a point off because I said the metric system was based on 100 instead of 10, I knew the right answer, but dang, just wrote that extra 0 on there. Oh well. I guess since 100 is a multiple of 10 she figured I still knew what was going on. I have my first biology test on Monday, so it will be study time for me this weekend. I also had my interview to volunteer at Mary Bridge hospital. I was hoping for the NICU obviously since that is where I would like to end up, but hey, got accepted for a brand new volunteer position in the pediatric day surgery unit. And it sounds like I will get a lot of interaction both with doctors, nurses, and families and kids. I get to help check kids in, get them setup and prepared for surgery, update the families, coordinate discharge and get ready for the next day's surgeries. I think it will be a good learning opportunity as well as a good networking tool. Plus I am doing something to give back to the community I someday hope to be joining. Thanks to Kendra and Tiffany for writing me letters of reference. YEAH! Lilly is away for the weekend as well. I dropped her off with her former foster mom yesterday and she is getting spayed today (maybe even as I write this). It was hard sending her off to get spayed and shots, of course being the anxious puppy mom I am I worry she's going to be traumatized, but I am sure she will be fine. Plus I get some puppy free time, which is pretty awesome. Well, I am sure I could write about lots of other stuff that is kind of boring to anyone not in my brain. But I will leave you all with the lyrics for the moment: "How did i become so obnoxious,What is it with you that makes me act like this,Ive neva been this nasty,Cant you tell that this is just a contest,The one that wins will be the one that hits the hardest,But baby i dont mean it,"~Pink

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