Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's Wednesday

It's Wednesday, normally a fairly decent day, but today it will be a long one for me. School now (surprise I even have the break to write this, but hey go figure), until 1pm. Then I go home for a 2 hour break (which I need to use to study) and then head to work at Starbucks of course. After work, working out with Jenn from work, so won't be home until late. But hey, I will be nice and exhausted on top of already being exhausted from last night, so hopefully I will sleep very well. Lilly is back home with us and is healing up nicely. She has been a little more tame since getting fixed, which I thought was just something that boy dogs went through. Apparently not. She's even been better with her potty training (mostly), although the few days away did give her crate training issues, so we're back to a crying dog for a few minutes when she's first put in there. I feel like such a guilty mommy, but we know its good for her and she's supposed to feel safe there and blah blah blah. Whatever. Let's see, secondary interview on Thursday with the head of the department at Mary Bridge where I will be volunteering. I'm sure that will go well. I'm more excited to get to play soccer on Thursday and Friday nights! YEAH!! My nice physical release. Oh and on Friday, Tiffany and I are working out together after my morning class is over. Awesome!! Did well on my biology test, not as well as I would like, but definitely good enough. Have to study harder for the next one. Guess this means studying more than say 1 hour the night before. Well, off to make up my chemistry lab from yesterday. But we all know that I will rock that. "Aahh, the night is calling?And it whispers to me softly come and playBut I, I am fallingAnd If I let myself go I'm the only one to blame"

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