Sunday, January 11, 2009

I love Purple!

Yeah, so typical me story, you will love this one. So today, it was shaping up to be a busy day. Wake up, walk the dog, get ready to go to my friend's bridal shower, take the dog to mom's, go to the shower with Tiff, come home, home for like 1/2 hour and then to work, then home to study. So, everything goes great, I come home, decide to get a few chores done while the dog is not here to need play time. I throw a load of clothes in the watch. Amazingly enough, I am so talented that I lifted the lid up, it caught on some piece of clothing I was holding and slammed back down.....on my FU*#ing pinky! So yeah, this hurts like all get out. I decide it's not that bad, I can bend it, and on my way to work I go. As I get closer to work it's kind of pulsing, and it's sort of changed color. Not great, but can still bend it and it's only changing color from the knuckle down. So I go to work, jamming along, having a good time. And then bam, I slam it against the bar because I was turning around too quickly. YEAH AWESOME! So needless to say my left pinky is now black/blue from the top part of the knuckle down. Oh and it's a bit bigger than normal. Hmmm, weird. So, yeah, not a great thing to have happen, but hey, I am me and I bounce back quickly. So funny story from yesterday though. Here's Tiff and I at the mall shopping for a bridal shower. Of course we decide to hit up vicky's secret and look for some lingerie, with Devan in tow no less. Yes, it was hilarious to explain to a 6 year old about lingerie. "And where is she going to wear this to?" she asks her mother and I with wide eyed innocence. How do you explain, but not explain to a kid what lingerie is for. Ha ha, "she's going to wear this to bed honey". "To sleep in?" she asks. "well of course" we reply. Because when you are six years old, we are not explaining to you what else can happen in a bedroom, that's for like sixth grade or something. Regardless, she now thinks our friend is crazy because that lingerie looks damn uncomfortable to her. My lovely niece. Second week of classes. Let's hope it goes well! xoxo-Lacey

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