Wednesday, January 07, 2009

3 days In and Counting

Well, it's officially my 3rd day of classes. So far things are going well. But let's recap a few things that have happened. Um, at the bookstore, the clerk who makes sure everyone leaves their bags at the front, yeah, she called me sir. Awesome, yet again, I realize because I have short hair and had on a bulky jacket and because I am taller than the average chick, I expect this to happen from time to time. It is not that bad, however I don't like the uncomfortableness that follows when the person realizes their mistake and then makes the uh oh ah uh, sorry, kind of expression and noises. Go figure. Today, I went to walk out of my biology lab to use the restroom and a girl stopped me to ask me a question about adding the class because....wait for it...she thought I was the professor. Yes, this is apparently the highlight of my college experience to date because I am going to community college and am enrolled in daytime classes, there seem to be few older (gasp to say the word) students here during this time and apparently that makes me look like I am a teacher here. So to keep you up to speed....I am now a male professor. Thank you for playing along with this round of exciting things in my life. So, I don't work again until Sat/Sunday evenings. But I have soccer on Thurs/Fri, so that should help keep me busy. Oh and because several of you have asked and it's hard to explain on a daily basis, here is my school schedule. Mon/Wed I am in class from 8-10:50 and then again from 12-1:05pm. Tues/Thurs I have class from 12-1:05. Fridays I am in class from 8-8:50. Beyond that, I don't know where/what I will be doing, but hey, at least you all know that I am in classes at some point. Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

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