Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stir Crazy

okay everyone, we all know i'm mentally fun anyway, but hello, a few days stuck in this house will make me freaking have massive cabin fever. i've cleaned the bathroom, mopped the floors, baked cookies, vaccuumed the couch (don't ask), vaccuumed the floors and am now sitting here typing on the computer and twitching my legs at the same time. i've signed myself up for the referee clinic that is now happening towards the end of january. i am rather bummed that it was canceled this weekend because of the weather. but hello, can't blame them, i wouldn't want to be playing soccer in this weather, let alone refereeing. ha ha. so funny story of the day. LuLu thought she would be tricky and when I opened the back door to throw out the mop water, she jumped from the door straight into 10 inches of snow and just stopped dead still. she turned and gave me THE LOOK, as if to say, what the fuck do i do now?!? ha ha. i was trying to hard not to laugh my ass off at her (she gets very sensitive that way). go figure, she's my cat. i only work at starbucks two days this week, tuesday and sunday the 28th (or whatever day the 28th is). i'm hoping they call me in for more shifts as i'd rather work there then drive my ass up to bellevue, but i will do that too if i have to. oooh i just realized, i get tips on monday, that is awesome. okay so it won't be a ton of money, but i am sure it will be better than the 7 bucks i got last week for my first set of tips. alright, its getting late and i'm waiting for kerry to get home. hopefully shes driving safe. and hello, i need someone to talk to and want to snuggle up next to her. *Sigh*

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