Thursday, December 11, 2008

Long time no blog, oh wait have I used that before?

I probably have, but you know, you're all just going to have to deal with re-reading it again. So tomorrow will make two full weeks at Starbucks. I am happy to tell everyone that I like it as much now as I did then, so I will consider that a very good thing. It is soo nice to have a job where I am moving around, where my brain is kept busy (so it cannot wander out on its own), and where I get free caffeinated drinks. I mean hello, as a starving soon to be college student (okay really it sounds weird to even call myself that again), I need to get food and/or drinks where I can. So if you're making dinner at your house and you make too much, feel free to give me a call and invite me over, okay? I don't eat much (hello, lapband people), so not like I'll cost you any extra pennies. Okay, that's enough for the broke student plug. Today was an exciting day. I woke up at 4:15 (what the f*ck, who gets up that early) to be at work by 5am. I worked from 5a-9am, which is cool, because I was home just after when Kerry had woke up. Of course I was tons of excitement, I went back to bed. I wasn't sure I would be able to but really, honestly, we all know that I like to sleep. I can pretty much do that when I want to. So after I got back up, I watched Law and Order SVU, played around online and then went to a movie with Ray. We went to see Zack and Miri make a porno (which by the way was hilarious). Okay Ray, I totally have to call you out here. Now everyone who reads this blog knows that I explicit to say the least. So Ray leans over during the movie and says, "do you totally have a hard on right now?" so I look at him straight faced and said hello I don't have a penis. He says, well if you did you'd be totally turned on wouldn't you. I said well duh, of course I would. Yeah, it wasn't that type of sexy movie, but there ARE a lot of sex scenes in it, hello?/!?!? Okay it was funny, you had to be there. So now I'm home, just made some dinner, and am watching Law and Order (regular version) the 2nd episode in a row, and I've just opened a bottle of wine. I'm thinking of heading up, taking a bath, and reading my book (Punk Like Me). It sounds like a good plan right? You see now that I'm home, and not doing much, my damn head won't shut the hell up. UGH! But I bet it will soon... xoxo-LC

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