Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's an LC Update

okay everyone. first off, merry christmas to everyone i didn't talk to over the holidays. i hope you had an enjoyable holiday doing whatever it is that you spent time doing. i spent xmas eve at my sisters house and xmas day with the hicks family. it was an understated christmas for me, but it is always nice to spend time with my families. this was my first christmas where i was not able to spend money on everyone the way that i wanted to. it was a lot harder than i thought it would be. we've done well for ourselves, but now with me going back to school, money is not as free flowing as it used to be, and not being able to buy anything i wanted for whomever i wanted, well you guys know me, it was a hard thing for me to deal with. i came home one night, crying, from the store because i don't know what to buy for people and how not to buy for them when i want to. it was hard hard hard for me to deal with. for those of you who don't know, we got a dog on friday. she is a boxer pit terrier mix and is approximately 8 weeks old. we named her lilly. she is adorable! of course the potty training stage totally sucks, but so far i think i am a good mommy. she is laying next to me right now while i am typing, snoring, and i think farting...awesome! ha ha. i completely cleaned the carpets last night and so far they are doing great. ha ha. but yes, puppy obedience classes are next on the list, i want a well behaved doggy. i worked at starbucks again today too. that was awesome. my mom watched the dog so i had some puppy free time, and i was able to go in there and completely concentrate and kick ass. one of the girls i was working with, she leaves next week for africa, she is so excited. i can't wait until she gets to go, she is soo excited. so its great the schedules they keep setting me up for, however when you have so many days between shifts, especially as the new person, sometimes it feels like i'm re-learning stuff every single time. i guess hey, good news, keeps my mind busy! xoxo-LC

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