Monday, December 01, 2008

It's December!

It's a new month. I should take that as a sign to turn over a new leaf, live a new life, start a new beginning...right? Wrong, I am still me. All my grand expectations, so far they are not coming to fruition, but hopefully soon they might. One day all my dreams will come true, right?!? Okay well a girl can dream so don't burst my bubble quite yet. I met with the pre-nursing advisor today. So far looks like I will have Chemistry, Biology and Nutrition. All the psychology classes I wanted to get into were full, so that sucks. But oh well, I can try for it next quarter when I'm not a brand new student. Oh and I am having to take 2 of the 3 classes at Ft. Steilacom which wasn't part of the plans, but hey, roll with the punches, right?!? I spent some time with Laurie and Peep today. I got to help give her a bath. It was fun of course, she's so dang beautiful I love it. Just holding her and humming/singing to her to get her to sleep relaxes me. Makes me feel loved and important to someone, even for a brief period of time and even if I don't feel like that from anyone else in the world at the moment. She looks up at me with those big baby blues and I feel like a hero. Hey it's a small victory people. So tomorrow, registration at 8am and then Starbucks from 9-1. My first day. I am excited, hoping to make a good first impression. So keep your fingers crossed for me. Lyrics today: "Hold me and love me,Just want touch you for a minute,Baby three seconds is enough for my heart to quit"

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