Saturday, December 20, 2008

A day for emotional dramas (not my own)

So today I watched sisterhood of the traveling pants 2. Actually, since I am now watching it again with kerry, that will mean i have watched it twice. Is it wrong to identify with so many different pieces of different characters in a movie based on a book basically I think for teens?!? ha ha. Maybe that's my problem. I never aged much past 16 did I? maybe that's why the greek guy in this movie reminds me of jeremy stockdale. isn't that weird? he doesn't really look like him per se, but something in the way he moves, in the way he holds himself, it reminds me of the jeremy of my 9th grade memories (not necessarily the big buff one that exists now). Ha ha. kerry and i went out for a walk in the snow tonight. it's gorgeous out, it really makes me wish i was up on the mountain skiing or snowboarding, but since its not really safe to drive...i don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. so the weather is all crazy today, i hope everyone is surviving it well. xoxo-LC

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