Sunday, December 14, 2008

Babies, Cookies & Sprinkles

Okay so it sounds like a fairy tale posting doesn't it? Ha ha. Last night I had dinner, drinks and games with the boys and Carlos's mom, and hello holy hell I got trashed. And it was snowing, that is always fun. I really wish we would have a white christmas. Not that I'm feeling much into the christmas spirit, but yeah, thats normal for me isn't it. Do I ever get into the christmas spirit? So I slept in today, didn't get up until 1030 or so. Hung around for a bit, cleaned house and then Laurie brought Frances over to hang out with her auntie meems so that Laurie could take care of some necessary errands around the house. So Peep hung out here with me for several hours before I drove her home. Now I am home making cookies for Kerry to take into work. So, this will be my first official week at Starbucks where I am no longer in training. That means I am earning tips, yeah!! Okay let's hope for lots of tips people. Oh and then this weekend its finally my soccer referee clinic, so I will be able to start refereeing games to pick up some extra money as well. So on another note, my mom might be getting me a dog for christmas. You'll all be thrilled to hear, it might be a pucky 2!! For those of you who don't know what a pucky is....well I am not going to telll you. But let me just say this, KJ in's a pucky male version. YEAH!!! Fawn colored, fingers crossed. Song Lyrics for today: "Day one day one start over again,Step one step one,I'm barely making sense, for nowI'm faking it 'til I'm pseudo making it,From scratch begin again but this time I as i, And not as we"

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