Monday, November 17, 2008

Two, One Day

yes i am going to post twice in one day. so i took my friend sonya home today after she was let go. pretty much a rotten day, i wonder what it will be like when i am at work these next few days. thank god not much time to go now. went in for a fill today. i was officially down 9.3 lbs in one month according to the doctors scale. small victory for me when the doctor says, oh you should be down about 50-60 lbs by now. well yeah, of course i fucking should, but we just found out that the bands you put in us after they were "modified" by the manufacturer apparently have a problem. gee, go figure. i'm sure its all my fault, that's why some of my fluid is gone every time i go in for a fill. whatever. so i felt like crap today, i decided to go visit Peep. she was apparently a pill for her mom today, but she was good for her dad and auntie meems. i even got to hold her for a few hours. usually she makes me feel so calm and relaxed. today i think, just too many emotions. oh well, i guess its that time of the month or some shit. i'm going to drink my wine and take a bath. peace out f*c*ers. ha ha. yeah its that kind of day.

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