Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today is Eight

The magic number today is 8! No, I have 9 days left at BR, but the magic number today is still 8, why you may ask? Well that’s how many lbs I have lost since my last fill. I am so happy about that, let me tell you. 8 down, xx to go. (Yeah like I’m going to post that on here). Ha ha. So yesterday, busy and exciting day. I had my interview with Starbucks in the morning. I think it went really well, so fingers crossed that I get hired everyone. I really liked the manager and she seems like she would be cool to work for. She said she needs someone at nights and how do I feel about that….hello, insomniac here, late nights work just fine for me! Better than early AM’s anyway. So she said she’d let me know in the next couple days. It was my 2 year anniversary yesterday also. It was a good day, although we are not celebrating until Saturday. Kerry had a WALK yesterday (yes all caps means important) and we had a “thanksgiving” dinner at my sisters house, so it wasn’t really a romantical day per se. I did surprise her at work though with a dozen red roses, which were completely unexpected. She liked them and said they smelled great. So we did our dinner at my sister’s house, had Tiff and the kids there with us too and it was good. It was not formal by any means, but we had ham, mashed potatoes, and tiffany made a salad. It was tasty (well what little of it I could get down anyway). Oh and I made pecan pie, and my mom also brought a pumpkin turtle pie which was tasty as well. After that, I got to spend some time holding Peep and trying to keep her calm and relaxed, but I also got to feed her a bottle and changed a poopy diaper. YEAH ME! Next on deck, today is my going away lunch (yes early I know, don’t ask). I’ve also got my desk mostly cleaned up and cleaned out. It’s kind of sad, but not as sad as you would expect. I guess that means it really is a good time for me to move on. School debt here I come. But hey, I will be a sexy fricking nurse in no time, despite everyone’s qualms about my squeamish stomach. I will prevail! Lyrics today: “I sat on the mountainside with peace of mind, I lay by the ocean making love to her with visions clear, Walked for days with no one near, And I return as chained and bound to you” xoxo

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