Sunday, November 30, 2008

Six Days

Well it's been six days since I left the old job behind, and I can't really say that I am sorry. You would think I would have all this time to sit at home and do nothing, but in reality I have not. Thanksgiving dinner was yummy and I am glad to have spent time with some of our friends and family,although obviously everyone wasn't here because of course they have their own families to visit. Sometimes I seriously think blood family is overrated, but of course that's just my own opinion. I worked black friday at TSA in Bellevue. Oh my god, 12 hours on the concrete was simply too much for me. Add that to the fact that I am pretty sure I was still drunk when I went to work at 4am (hello I apparently drank almost two bottles of wine on my own, why didn't anyone tell me)?!? So I didn't eat much that day or the next when I worked for another 7 hours. Took Devan to see Bolt on Saturday night, it was cute, but of course its about animals, which really tend to be so much simpler than humans its hard for them to not be cute. Today, a 3 year olds birthday party, then visiting with the hicks, then I was home, napping, then kendra/trina stopped by VERY briefly (dropped off our xmas wreath) and then it was me mixing margaritas to drink while I surf the net, update some stuff on facebook and myspace and send some emails. Yes an exciting life I have. Tomorrow I meet with my academic advisor and take Kerry's car in for some maintenance work. Tuesday I register for classes and start my first day at Starbucks, exciting!! xoxo LC

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