Thursday, November 13, 2008

Not Working

i am happy to tell everyone, i am not working today, i love it. awww if i was just independently wealthy it would be the best thing ever. wow, its only 10:30 this morning and i have already got a lot of stuff completed. i took my math placement test and placed out of what i needed to place out of. so that is great. i went over and gave my results to my nursing advisor and she was excited for me. i meet with her again on december 1st, and then i register on december 2nd. i am so excited. i then decided to go in to evaluations to make sure that i they had received my official transcripts, which they did, so now i filled out an official request to have those evaluated. then i checked in with financial aid and apparently they sent me a letter in october (never got it) and my due date was by november 4th, so yeah that didn't happen. but i filled out the form i needed and can still get my loan, it will just come in after the quarter starts. guess its a good thing i got that private loan in place. so i also had a call back from starbucks and liz wants me to come in on saturday for a 2nd interview. i was worried about this a lot, but talked to tiffany and she thinks that liz likely wants me to come in ask me one or two more questions and then have me fill out paperwork. lets all cross our fingers that that is what it really is, because i'd like to have part time job situation taken care of. moving onward and upward, a new section of my life about to begin. i am really happy that i get the opportunity at 30 to change careers and do something new. oh, i keep having anxiety dreams about missing classes and tests, but it is okay, i know that means it is just really important to me. so, dentist appointment today too, yeah woohoo. not...then likely dinner before heading to soccer. yeah soccer game, oh and yesterday was sarah's birthday so that means drinks for me jessa and sarah. that's even better. no lyrics today, haven't listened to music yet today. i know you are all really bummed. xoxo

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