Thursday, November 20, 2008

My record Keeps skipping.

Soooo I thought my week, yesterday, was getting better briefly. Yeah, not so much. Although I did spend part of my evening with Peep (which of course was wonderful, especially dancing around the living room with her while “Baby it’s cold outside” was playing on the computer, but anyway). So after babysitting, my sister took me back to Puyallup to get my car. Walk up and whoa, there is a police officer’s business card sitting on my drivers side window. At first I’m confused, until my super smart sister figures out that there is a note on the back of the card. It says, please call me at this #, your vehicle was struck and I need your information for the report. What the FUCK!?!? Sure enough, yes, there is indeed a mark on the front drivers side of my car, and the seam is a little uneven now, which means being the anal retentive person I am about my car, I will have to get this fixed. Hopefully the police officer’s card means that they have information about the other driver, fingers crossed. I guess the positive side to this story is that I was not in the car, thank god. I don’t want to go through another car accident. But I am fairly certain this week is me being paid for things I’ve done to increase my bad karma, I think I know a few things specifically. SIGH. Bad girl. So another thing that has been on my mind lately. School, job, money, surviving on one paycheck with my limited part time money coming in, that sort of thing. Yeah, I am excited to be making this change in my life, more than I can ever explain to all of you, but am worried about it at the same time. Kerry won’t be shocked when I admit this, but I really don’t love change so much. Oh don’t get me wrong, I love to do different things, as in not doing one task at a time but having my attention deficit disorder type way of doing them, but really, don’t move my cheese without warning as it will make me loopy crazy. Or more loopy crazy than normal anyway. And the holidays coming up, yeah good times, because nothing adds to your depression like all sorts of people who LOVE the holidays when you don’t really. I used to love them, mostly cause I loved the food. I don’t have that experience anymore. Although I still do like them for the fact that I love to see the kids get so excited about them. Ha ha. Lyrics: “Like Johnny and June, More than life itself, No-one else, This endless promise, They don't make love like that anymore, Is that too much to be askin' for,”

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