Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's a Wednesday, bah!

okay so i am home sick today, but i actually get to post in the blogger box which means we are back to no punctuation marks and horrible grammar. yeah me! okay well some punctuation marks i guess. whatever, just dont critique this post, alright. so i am not dying sick, lest anyone be alarmed. i woke up today with my normal case of first of the winter season sinus/cold issues. not the first one ive ever had and i am most definitely sure it will not be my last. oh well, whats a girl to do right? i know, go fill out an application at starbucks so she can get a part time job. do laundry. clean the house. play wii. i guess as a sick person i can keep myself pretty busy. unlike at work. work is deathly slow. like as in, i want to shove a pencil through my eyeball just to increase the excitement of the day. my work has mostly all been transitioned off now, so i have been trying to keep myself busy with busy work (haha what an oxymoron or something) and this software testing, which really i am not the best person for. it's for the program replacing our background checks repository and as some of you know, i havent been doing actual check work in sometime, so i feel somewhat (okay a lot) disassociated from this program altogether. but hey i am a technical geek and tracking bugs i am good at, so thats what i will do. when i go back tomorrow there are only what 13 or 12 more days of work. i think i can i think i can....chugga chugga choo choo. sorry random moment. wow my brain must be otherwise occupied as i am literally trying to grasp at things to write. i am wearing brown pants and a pink shirt, dont you wish your girlfriend was hot like me. okay lyrics: "I'm under your spell, How else could it be, Anyone would notice me? It's magic, I can tell, How you've set me free, Brought me out so easily " Oh and bonus points to michelle for telling me the song that yesterdays lyrics went to. go chelle!

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Anonymous said...

This is also Buffy Musical Episode...I have been looking for this cd have to make me a copy!!!!