Monday, November 10, 2008

I get tired of making up titles.

My tummy hurts. I blame Peep. I visited her yesterday, she was an inconsolable baby, we believe because she had an upset stomach for most of the day. So, not really her fault, but I’m going to say I “caught” her upset tummy from her and its now affecting me. And not in a good way. Go figure. Although, I am very awake today, which is awesome. I guess that’s what the 3G charger in my morning jamba juice will do for me. YEAH JJ, my favorite. So, not counting today, I have 11 more days left of work. I am doing drone work now and am completely okay with that. It’s about what I have the capacity for from here at this point anyway, so although its incredibly boring, and I’m getting paid a lot of money to do data entry, I am really not going to complain. I had my nephew this weekend. He’s in the midst of potty training, and it is going pretty well I must say (kudos to Tiffany). We took him to see Madagascar, along with my 12 year old niece Trina, and we had a good time. Niko even sat through the movie pretty well, which lets face it, is impressive for a 3 year old. Other than that, my weekend wasn’t very exciting. And hey, that is not necessarily a bad thing, so I’m not complaining. Busy week this week. I think Michelle might come down tonight and I’m making dinner, everyone is invited, it’s meatloaf and mashed potatoes and likely will be a late dinner, so that might change your mind about coming. Ha ha. I’m also going to make oatmeal cookies, yummy (although my tummy doesn’t agree right now). Tomorrow night, it’s “thanksgiving” dinner at my sisters. Wednesday I found out is one of my soccer girls birthdays so I’m trying to see about taking her to dinner. Thursday and Friday it’s soccer. Saturday it’s Kerry’s day off and we’re celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary (which is actually tomorrow, veterans day), so it will be a fun weekend I am sure! Lyrics today: “Thinking of those memories, How your touch was so soft, Your eyes, they were so green, I would have never known how much, You'd come to mean everything to me” Hugs and kisses to all.

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